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Shooting People
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Shooting the Tribe

Digital Stills Camera
Running Time:
8 s

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About this film

Short documentary from award-winning production company.

In 1989, the Kogi tribe of Colombia opened their doors to a BBC documentary film crew. Their intention was to send us a warning that if we continued to live our lives the way we do, the destruction of the planet was assured.

25 years later, ‘Shooting the Tribe’ takes us back into the jungle of the Sierra Nevada, to understand why it is they, not us, whose way of life has changed.

This short documentary captures the natural beauty of the landscape that has been home to the Kogi for centuries.

With an original score by two members of British Sea Power, ‘Shooting the Tribe’ transports you to a world that is on the brink of extinction.

Premiered at Raindance 2013, screened at LSFF 2014, Shuffle Festival 2014 and Branchage 2014




  • Fat Rat Films (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thanks everyone for your comments,
    Tim - you can watch the original film here:, let us know how it effects your watching of the film
    George - always up for collaborations, get in touch via our website,

    Thanks again

    Fred and Gemma
  • George Elerick
    5 years ago
    great work guys. As a filmmaker who does human rights work and has lived in developing countries, this is great work!! - Let's find a way to collaborate! - keep up the good work! @SecretCPro
  • tim john prior
    5 years ago
    Would be interesting to see the original documentary as I feel this would help to contextualise the above film. Is it available to view anywhere?
  • Steve Deery
    5 years ago
    Always a great story to tell from the Fat Rat team. Listen and watch.

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