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Shooting People
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A Short Film About Massage

Running Time:
3 s

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Julie Hill

About this film

A short doc in which we hear the thoughts of a woman who works in the City of London, over footage of her being massaged - and then hear the thoughts of her Tibetan Buddhist masseur, over the identical edit. Though they are in such close physical proximity they are worlds apart.



Director of Photography


  • Saleena Sadasivan
    2 years ago
    Really enjoyed the relaxed pace of the film , parallels the massage being given.
  • Dan Smith
    5 years ago
    Lots of fun - got some tips for my Mum's feet!
  • Meghan Horvath
    5 years ago
    Really great concept, Julie, and really well crafted. Congrats!
  • Alistair Gillan
    5 years ago
    I saw this at DocHeads, and missed the fact that the guys horse jumped off the mountain and died, thats so sad!! Glad I watched it twice.
    Well done, I'm starting to appreciate how hard it is to make something like this.
  • Andi Reiss
    5 years ago
    Excellent lil film....
  • Nora Jaccaud
    5 years ago
    Wonderful documentary I had the pleasure to watch at DOCHEADS
  • Matt Jamie
    5 years ago
    Nice idea, well crafted. Slightly disturbed by the woman's thoughts, but hey "if you can get away with it..."!
  • Julie Hill (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thank you, glad you liked it
  • Rosa Russo
    5 years ago
    Great little film
  • Paulina Brahm
    5 years ago

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