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Shooting People
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About this film

A shock-jock takes exception when a kid calls in pretending to be a criminal. Someone breaks into the teen's house and the DJ tries to raise ratings by encouraging the kid to tackle the burglar live on air.

A real team event, we shot ten pages a day and lived on pizza and chipsticks; but we did it!


Dave Dawson
Corey Johnson

Dar Dash

Francesca Di Sica



Director of Photography
Stuart Nicolas White

1st Assistant Director
Phil Hain

Adam Ethan Crow


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  • Margaret Milner Schmueck
    4 years ago
    A very slick film with great performances, clever script & stylish photography; all in all very well directed, congratulations and hope it does really well!!
  • Shenine Rajakarunanayake
    4 years ago
    Holy mother....incredible
  • Stuart Wright
    4 years ago
    Big up for Warhol ... Cracking and thrilling and craftily it's your imagination that gets as much of a beating as any of your other senses
  • Philip Hurd-Wood
    4 years ago
    Very high quality work. Palette and grading work perfectly. Tense and well-acted. Thank you!
  • Pip Henderson
    4 years ago
    Brilliant!! Short, sharp, shocking... This film deserves to do really well... I hope it does!
  • liam thomas
    4 years ago
    Fantastic work all round. Total hats off gentlemen!
  • Adam Ethan Crow (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    Thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion.
  • jak haddock
    4 years ago
    Didnt like it. Bit dull.
  • Richard Russo
    4 years ago
    Great idea, excellent acting, beautifully filmed, powerful script. Congratulations! One technical observation - I found it hard to understand a lot of what the caller was saying. Perhaps my ears were not good enough to cope with this level of sound quality!
  • Adam Ethan Crow (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    That is a huge compliment Alistair - you made my day! Thank you.

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