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Shooting People
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Running Time:
13 s

Star Icon 86


About this film

“It ain’t easy, but it’s simple…” wise words from someone so young. But can a new life simply be a bus ride away?

A chance bus stop encounter between Karen, a shy, introverted woman and Niki, a loud, over-confident teenage girl takes a deeper turn, when personal secrets are inadvertently revealed, and confessions take the place of pleasantries.

Written and Directed by Paul Murphy, Produced by Mark Downes

Film London and Eastern Edge Film Fund funded short, 2012


Lisa Kay

Tahirah Sharif


Executive Producer

Mark Downes



  • Claire Buckley
    5 years ago
    Engaging all round. But I'd like to give particular mention here about the excellent audio. Nice audio perspective on the edits and a good tight sound on the close-ups. Just a little confused about the inflated credits - did you really need all those individuals to produce this?
    4 Stars from me.
  • Gary Stevens
    6 years ago
    Ditto all the positive comments with regards to this film, I found it very well put together with excellent timing and pace. Such awesome direction and script. Well done.
  • Danann Breathnach
    6 years ago
    A powerful film.
  • Chris Darvell
    6 years ago
    Massive story for so little dialogue. Amazing performances too giving real depth to a real world problem. Simple music just at the end when a lesser director would have used it throughout. It looks very simple but it takes great craft to make something that strong, look easy. Congrats all round...
  • Claudette FLINT
    6 years ago
    I tried to put 5 stars but my computer or your site doesn't agree and won't take my vote. Why is IT always complicated!!!!
  • Claudette FLINT
    6 years ago
    At last a film that makes sens and which is engaging. No avant-garde stuff thanks God! A good story is sooo rare. And the message is there. Usually messages are forbidden! At the end the film is also original for all that.
  • Jamie Sims
    6 years ago
    Script, performances and pacing in this are superb.

    Subscribing to your vimeo for sure.
  • Paul Wilkins
    6 years ago
    Great film paul!!! Well done
  • Paul Murphy
    6 years ago
    Thanks so much to everyone who has watched and voted for our film so far, we're very proud of the performances and glad you respond well to them too. We really appreciate all the votes, and would be so honoured if we were in the final top three and David has a chance to watch our film. Please share and thanks again! Paul & the Stop team!
  • Anton Califano (Filmmaker!)
    6 years ago
    Thanks for all your comments and your votes so far. I know that the whole team will appreciate it!

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