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Shooting People
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14 s

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About this film

A short documentary about Vocab Dance's unique project exploring gang culture on Britain's housing estates




  • Shenine Rajakarunanayake
    6 years ago
    Great stuff! This does take me back to my secondary school days- was wondering if you're developing anything from that? Especially with the similar situation happening in the US
  • Damien Ashley
    6 years ago
    Hi Anton, you wrote asking me to view your piece and I have just finished it. First of all as an actor from a council estate growing up with an east end family, it resonates in many ways and is a nice change to see that perspective being shown through a positive project. My main issue with the film is whilst it is shot and edited well, the narrative structure of the piece doesn't delve in as much as I would have liked and feels unfinished towards the end. In a perfect world where budgets would be endless for independent projects that stray from the normal Hollywood production line, this doc would be atleast an hour long with more of a fully rounded picture of what the environment the dancers are talking about actually is. Hackney has a lot of projects such as what is happening with Leeroy Dos Santos from Flawless at the Hacnkey Empire and it would have been great to get some more perspectives from other artists in the area about what their feelings were towards the stereotypical view of 'hoodies'. I don't mean that it should detract from the core group of performers you are focusing on as they are the central base that makes the documentary what it is, purely that (again if you had the time and crew size) more perspectives as well as from people in the constituency (non performers) have to say about the subject. It would have also been nice to see the finished performance, or highlights and hear what the audience viewing it had taken away from the piece.
    I commend you on approaching this particular piece and I hope it does well enough to allow you to go back and explore it some more.
  • Tasy D
    6 years ago
    Well done, Anton, Clearly-Purely-Easy made. On the one level, nothing extra. Watching the film I waited for result and a reflection of what we believe and what we deserve. :)
  • jak haddock
    6 years ago
    I liked the drea di matteo lookalike in there
  • Joel Felles
    6 years ago
    A unique and truely intresting look into the work of tis group of people. The use of sound has magnified the realism and sensitive tone to the film, making each story relateable. The style in which the film has been captured is organic, paving the way for documentary/promotional films. I haven't seen a short this engrosing and personal in a while. Executed to perfection
  • Ivona Klemensova
    6 years ago
    It's a nice insight in the process of creating show with young people from council estates. It gives clear idea about the project, its aims, dancers. Some of the quotes are outstanding, especially "the ghetto is in your head" could be possibly the title of the document. What I missed is a confrontation. It felt isolated from the reality, talked about the stereotypical way in which we perceive people with hoods up, but all took place in a dance studio and quiet council estate spaces. I really missed other side of voices, rather than opinions of this group of dancers who all are very conscious about these stereotypes.
    Overall it's inspiring and almost moving towards the end, but somehow sterile, taken away from the reality the project is talking about.
  • liam thomas
    6 years ago
    Nice work Anton. Well shot and edited & excellent content. Really caught by the inclusion of the rain sound of the drops hitting Tarmac. The sound. Nice touch. Get it out there.
  • Emily Swain
    6 years ago
    I thought this film was really moving and should be picked up by something like channel 4 as part of a shorts season. ' life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards' was one of the performance lines....lots of gifts of wisdom and fresh hope for all to glean from this film. We are living in seemingly dark times, but there are many committed to building only the positive. Great piece of work all round. Well done. You should all be so proud of yourselves. You definitely deserve a top 3 place.
  • Mark Howard
    6 years ago
    Great stuff Anton, good content, well shot, and enjoyable
  • Anton Califano (Filmmaker!)
    6 years ago
    Thanks for your comments and votes so far. If you give some start please check they register, as some people's votes are not registering - you can check to see if the number of stars increase when you click on them. Thanks again!!

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