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Shooting People
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Already Dead (Official Trailer


About this film

Already Dead Official Trailer (2016) Comedy Horror Short Film

15 years after a zombie outbreak (ZE Day) Zombies live among us, working 9-5 jobs, holidaying in Barbados and living "life" to the fullest.

A documentary crew have been given exclusive access to a group of zombie's day to day "lives"

'Already Dead' asks whether we have truly come to accept zombies or are we still living in 2001?

An Original Comedy Horror Short Film from Posh Dinosaur Productions.

Starring: Darren Ruston, Luke Shaw, Shelley Davenport, Tony Cook, Simon Bellars, Adam Diggle and Andrea Newland.

Written & Directed by Michael James Dean
Director of Photography: Jamie Montgomery
Script Supervisor - Lucy Noble
Sound Mixer/Sound Dubbing - Filipe Pereira
Makeup by Nina Igbino and Elloise India Willett
VFX Supervisor - Ricky J Payne
Produced by Michael James Dean and Abdul Choudhury
Score by Ed Harris

"Zombie Song" performed by Of Course Not
Watch the video for "Zombie Song" here:

A Posh Dinosaur Production




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