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1Life (Season 1)

Running Time:
80 min

About this film

1Life is an award winning original series chronicling the struggles and political back stabbing among four friends vying for control over the app they created, '1Life'. It has changed the world and they sit at the head of a multi million pound empire living the dream. But is all as harmonious as it seems?

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Times are good for Jasper, Barney, Charlie and Max, best friends and co-creators of 1Life, an app which revolutionises the way people interact with the world, organising their whole life in one place, instantly connecting them to every corner of the globe.

Jasper Court steaming fast ahead with impressive new features, leading press conferences and becoming the public poster boy is soon recognised as the company's figurehead. This doesn't sit well with some of the other founders, especially Charlie who harbours fears that Jasper's constant innovation is leading the app to become dangerously integral to the lives of those using it.

When 1Life suffers a massive security leak the world begins to scrutinise the company they've left in charge of their lives. Is friendship enough to help these warring app-creators when there is no escape from what they created?

We only live 1Life, so let's live it!

1Life has won Best Screenplay at Bilbao Web Fest 2016.

It has also been made an official selection for Sicily Web Fest 2016, Bilbao Web Fest 2016, FIS-MED 2016 and Roma Web Fest 2016 whilst picking up nominations for Best Web Series, Best Drama, Best Leading Actor (Oliver Longstaff), Best Supporting Actor (David Burnett), Best Editing and Best Trailer!


News Reader 2
Hayley Minn

News Reader 1
Howard Horner

Jasper Court
Oliver Longstaff

Barney Thatcher

Charlie Hicks
David Burnett

Max Avery
Abdoulie Mboob

Katrina Moore
Sarah Folwell

Posy Walters
Eleri Jones

Lizzie Clarke

News Reader 4
Joanna Nevinn

News Reader 3
Theo St. Claire

Shop Assistant
Bowie Alexander

Homeless Man
David Middleton


Executive Producer
Guido Cavaciuti

Art Director
Lucy Middleton

James Winston

Guido Cavaciuti


Director of Photography
Guido Cavaciuti


Executive Producer

Todd Garber

Executive Producer
James Winston



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