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If It's Not On


About this film

When I was fifteen, my Dad decided it was time. Time for the one talk which every parents dreads having with their child. The birds and the bees talk. Now, my Dad and I were never extremely close. My parents were divorced and we were more friends than father and son. As a result, I think the idea of having the talk freaked him out even more than a regular father. So he decided to condense the talk into one phrase. This phrase was, ‘if it’s not on, it’s not on.’

Now I was dreading the talk as much as he was, so when I could tell the talk was coming, I was over the moon that it was just one phrase. However, I thought it was odd. I understood the phrase to mean – aka if the vibes ‘aren’t on’ or flowing between you and a girl, don’t be forceful in any way and always have consensual sex. It struck me as odd that I’m an inexperienced fifteen year old and my dad thought I was a forceful guy who may not care about the consent of a woman.

Although my Dad intended for the phrase to mean that if you don’t have a condom on, don’t have sex, aka always have a condom ‘on’ when having sex. After he delivered the line, we both gave each other a nod and never spoke of it again. So for around three – four years I had the impression that my Dad thought I was maybe a bit forceful guy when really he was just telling me to wear condoms.

I’m twenty-two now, and can see the humour in the misunderstanding. ‘If It’s Not On’ is an adaption of my horror impression as a fifteen year old with a few additional details.




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  • Lawrence Perry
    2 years ago
    An interesting topic, which you have made into an interesting short, the film engrosses the viewer and for a moment it was surreal, if not real. Thank you

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