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Shooting People
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Shock Therapy

Running Time:
34 min 59 s

About this film


A study of one woman's descent into depression, anxiety, paranoia and insanity. Add in drugs, guns, a cheap knock off version of Jeremy Kyle and a whole host of unsavoury chancers and you have a big fat slice of wholesome family entertainment! Let the madness commence.


Anastasia is trapped inside a desperate and terrifying mental hell. She is spiralling out of control into a deep depression,  and as it consumes on itself she finds herself more and more alienated from her friends and her colleagues. To make matters even worse, her boss has begun to sexually harass her, cruelly taking advantage of her vulnerability. The only person she knows who still seems to treat her like a human being is her next door neighbour Jaycee, who happens to be an armed, drug dealing gangster. Fantasy and reality begin to blur as Anastasia's depression becomes increasingly hallucinogenic, until she is abruptly yanked of her own mind when two gangsters break into her flat. They are looking for her drug dealer neighbour and mistaking Anastasia for his girlfriend, threaten to kill her. In the ensuing chaos, Anastasia turns the tables on one of her attackers and shoots him dead. The next day, transformed and emboldened, she goes to confront her boss. Either she has found therapy through the power of violence, or she has descended further into insanity.




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