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Shooting People
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The Beautiful Spy

Running Time:
20 s

About this film

Occupied Europe 1944: an SOE agent is embedded with a local resistance unit; their job, to assassinate a senior SS officer in an ambush. Although they succeed in their mission, the group are captured and shot at an isolated farm along with innocent local villagers. The agent (Marion) is the last to face execution but is spared at the last moment by a soldier who admits to being a Dutch conscript with Christian principles. Turning the gun on his own commanding officer, he urges her to run. She escapes and returns home. Seventy years later, her great niece (Christiana) takes up her aunt's remarkable story for a Dutch TV crew making a documentary. The niece falls for the Dutch cameraman and a new relationship is made that takes up where her aunt's relationship with her would-be executioner was never able to.


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