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Shooting People
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Little Soldier

Running Time:
15 min 9 s

About this film

10 year old, Anya (Amaris Miller) lives and cares for her mother, Amanda (Zawe Ashton). When Derek (Morgan Watkins) threatens to come between them, Anya takes matters into her own hands in order to protect her home. Little Soldier is a darkly comic drama about the power of one girl’s imagination to change her own world.

Written and directed by Stella Corradi and shot on 16mm by renowned DoP Robbie Ryan BSC, Little Soldier was made under the London Calling scheme awarded by Film London and EEFF in 2015. It has screened in the festival circuit internationally and was awarded Best Female Director at the London Short Film Festival by the Bechdel Test Fest and various special mentions including Cork International Film Festival for Best International Short and Underwire Festival for Best Screenplay.


Executive Producer


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