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Shooting People
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Plastic Boy

Mobile Phone
Running Time:
1 min 30 s

About this film

An LGBT grey comedy about a hapless, borderline narcissist who blames everyone else for his problems, and who knows that he isn't where he wants to be in life, but can't be bothered to do anything about it.

Sam spends his days bored at his unfulfilling office job, where he's more interested in trying to get the attention of the guy he likes than he is about actually doing his job. He can't quite stay broken up from his ex, as he misreads his desire for casual sex as him wanting to get back together. And as his best friend becomes more successful in both her career and relationship, the two find themselves drifting. He realizes he can't just float on by in life and he's faced with losing his job and apartment and when met with the bleak prospect of moving home with his parents Sam is forced to look at what he really wants and who he really is.

A painfully honest look at trying to get your shit together, when (you think) the whole world is against you.




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