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Shooting People
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The Secret Life of Mr McKie


About this film

A pilot for a web series. The premise of which is as follows:

Derek McKie has died. He was 81. HIs body was found in the living room by a district nurse who had popped round to check on him following a recent hip operation. We’re waiting on the coroner’s report to find out exactly what killed him in the end but, despite its suddenness, it was a case of when not if he would die. He’s been ill for some time. The body has been collected, the funeral is being arranged. But the house needs sorting. Derek was a bit of a hoarder.

He leaves behind Johnathan and Jessica. Half siblings via their shared mother. Both of whom looked after their dad in their own way. Both of whom want to get the house packed up to help out their mother (who can’t come back to the house having seen Derek “Like that”). Both of whom have issues with the way the other acted towards the end of Derek’s life.

Inspired by What Remains of Edith Finch, Gone Home and Dear Esther, Intestate is about the story of a person told via their belongings. The story will be both poignant and humorous and will follow two dysfunctional siblings through the grieving process. Intestate will document the weeks and months as Derek’s home is gradually packed up. We’ll see Johnathan and Jessica deciding what to keep, what to sell and what to just throw away, all while juggling their own private lives as well as the numerous other aspects of a death in this modern age. Slowly removing all trace of themselves from the place that formed their entire being.




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