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Shooting People
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Mystic Demon Killer

Running Time:
77 min

About this film

Mystic Demon Killer is a film you will have never seen before, and you will never forget. You’ll go on a journey watching this film, and be taken into places you didn’t know, places that can only come from a rare imagination that can write, direct and star in a film like this. But David Fussell is that man - his unique point of view makes him in the truest sense an artist.

By Grace Harper, documentary director and co-founder of Glow Films; an award winning production company formed by three NFTS graduates whose films have screened at international festivals including Sundance, Berlin and Cannes.


MI6 Agent Julie Morton
Katherine Brace

Paul Hockley
Dan Mitchell

Malakai, Head Demon
Jason Keith Platt

Kaleb, Second in Command Demon
Richard Eastwood

Helen, Sword Demon
Sian Rees

Jennie, Demon with Guns
Sian Brown

White Face Demon
Jane Goodridge

Suit Demon and his twin brother
David Hockley

Nunchaku Demon
Abdelkadir Laarabat

First Victim
Kelly Marie Howlett

Ninja Demon Killer
Barry Evans

Ninja Demon Killer
Kristen Miller

Ninja Demon Killer
Jack Reynolds

Ninja Demon Killer
David Hockley






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