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Shooting People
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Toll Booth

Digital Stills Camera
Running Time:
11 s

About this film

Multi-award-winning short thriller Toll Booth.

A man working in an isolated toll booth suspects something lurks outside in the fog.

Winner of 11 awards and 20+ nominations, including;

Leeds International Film Festival - Yorkshire Film Award (nomination)
New Renaissance Film Festival - Honourable Mention
LA Shorts Awards - Best Thriller
Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival - Best Actor
Canada International Film Festival - Best Screenplay
Cardiff Mini Film Festival - Audience Choice Award
Golden Skull Film Festival - Best International Short Film
The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards - Best Director
Great Northern Creative Film Festival - Best Film

Writer/Director - Martin Stocks
Producers - Martin Stocks and Scott Lyus
Cinematographer - Neal Parsons
Editor/Colourist - Reeta Varpama
1st AC - Ben McCormack
2nd AC - Tim Willcox
Sound recordist/sound editor - Michael Chubb
Composer - Ed Harris
Make-Up Artist - Carla Burke

Andrew Shire - Terry
Suzanne Celensu - Young Female Driver
Steve Wright - Phil
Elizabeth Coombs - Female Driver
Peter Nixon - Weird Driver
Abigail Poulton - Girlfriend
Sarah Dorsett - Crying Woman


Director of Photography


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