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Shooting People
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One in a Million



Ed Willey

About this film

A lonely guy, lost in the world, takes a chance but is it too good to be true?


  • Mario Cavalli
    4 months ago
    Nicely done. For a first effort, very good indeed. Well staged, acted and edited.
  • Damien Swaby
    5 months ago
    Good on you Ed, great idea! I look forward to seeing more form you.
  • Tony Franks
    5 months ago
    Great wee film; well done Ed for getting it all together. iPhone + Filmic was mastered really well. You followed the advice - “just go and make something” - and got a great start in filmmaking.
  • Ed Willey (Filmmaker!)
    5 months ago
    Many thanks for taking the time to watch Andrew, and for the encouraging comments!
  • Andrew Ionides
    5 months ago
    For a first-time filmmaker with a zero budget, it's very good! Nicely acted, well-chosen shots and a nice, simple story about loneliness.

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