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Shooting People
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Safe Zone

Running Time:
17 min

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carlo ortu

About this film

I made 'Safe Zone' as a response to my own feelings about the war and its consequences, drawing on the stories I had heard about my own family members who had fought in the First and the Second world war. Some of them had survived but were never the same again. I also had a very good school friend in the Royal Marines and after I wrote the script he read it and gave me some pointers. He eventually saw the film and much to my relief liked it. On November 12th 2008, whilst on operations in the Helmand province in Afghanistan he was killed by a road side bomb. His name was Neil Dunstan and this film is dedicated to his memory as well as those other soldiers who have both died and survived the conflicts abroad. Screenings & Achievements:*Official Selection 7th In The Palace International Short Film Festival, Balchick, Bulgaria (2009) * Official Selection Hollywood Film Festival,USA (2008) * Official Selection Marbella International Film Festival, Spain (2008) * Official Selection Portobello Film Festival, UK (2008)* Official Selection West Hollywood International Film Festival, USA (2008)* Official Selection Sardinia Film Festival, Italy (2008)* Official Selection Cannes in a Van Independent Film Festival, London, UK (2008)* Shortwave Films, London, UK (2008) (Audience Award Winner for Best Film) * Short Film Corner, Cannes International Film Festival, France (2008)* Official Selection Hull International Short Film Festival, UK (2008)* Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival, USA (2008) * Official Selection Sacramento International Film Festival, USA (2008)* Official Selection Bradford International Film Festival, UK (2008) * Official Selection Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA (2008) * Official Selection Show Off Your Shorts Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA (2008)* Official Selection 5th London Short Film Festival, London, UK (2008)* Official Selection Filmstock International Film Festival (2007)* Portobello London Film Makers Convention, London, UK (2007)* Shortlisted into the Top 20 of the TCM Classic Shorts Competition 2007


Ian Attfield

Caroline George

Colin Holt

Michael Gilroy

Amy Enticknap


Andrea Pirisi

Mark McKinley

Steadicam Assistant
Ben Lithman

Production Assistant
Craig Catlow

Tom Turley

Peter Ford

Geoffrey Bellhouse



Director of Photography

Sound Recordist

Stuart Briner

Production Designer
Tom Jarrett

Dan Roberts

Sound Mixer
Ben Hood

Production Assistant


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  • carlo ortu (Filmmaker!)
    8 years ago
    Thanks for your lovely comments Claudette (and everyone else for that matter) regarding the film and I'll take the fact that you think I'm a professional as a compliment but alas I am only one of those 'who try to be professional'.
  • Michele Caruso
    9 years ago
    I truly liked it.
  • Azeem Khan
    9 years ago
    a powerful film, beautifully told
  • valeria coizza
    9 years ago
    very powerful
  • Daniel Marsh
    9 years ago
    Beautifully directed, superbly acted and a thought provoking story on a difficult subject done with the utmost taste and skill. Thanks I really enjoyed this. Also good to see my local Tooting on Shooting People. :-) Nice work.
  • Claudette FLINT
    9 years ago
    Wow! A powerful film. So much said in such short time and a world wide feeling. Remember the films about soldiers coming back from Vietnam? My father was the only survivor of a platoon in the French Foreign Legion slowing down the German to allow the English to embark in Dunkirk. At least today we acknowledge their sufferings. It is a great quality of the cinema and of your film.

    Now, is it fair to put your film in competition as you seem to be a professionnal and I thought the competition are for those who try to be professionnal?

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