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Shooting People
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Roanapur City Episode 1

TV Drama
Running Time:
14 min 51 s


About this film

A psychological police drama about two agents walking in opposite directions in life and the conflicts that bring them together for the finale.


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  • Ben Blaine
    6 years ago
    This is a superb achievement on what is clearly less than a shoestring. The photography is compelling and, with the good use of music papers over the cracks for most of the length. In the end though the bad acting, the bad sound and the fact that all the cast are a good ten years too young for their roles left me losing interest.

    I also couldn't work out where this was supposed to be set. Isn't Roanapur in Thailand? This looks like it was shot in the UK... why not write something set in the UK? Also if you're going for the slick TV style then you've got to carry it off, otherwise it's very unrewarding for the viewer. Bad sound is always a killer but if you can't afford a sound man there's not much you can do - however most home edit suites come with superb grading tools these days and you let down your skills as a photographer by not pushing the final image to the maximum.

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