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Shooting People
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Open Secrets

Running Time:
17 min

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Azeem Khan

About this film

Semi-autobiographical award winning short drama about the stigma of mental illness in an Asian family, starring Saeed Jaffrey and Valmike Rampersad. Winner 'Best Film' at Buffalo-San Black & Asian Film Festival 2008; official screening at Tongues on Fire and Happy Soul Festival. Screened on SKY TV on Community Channel and Propeller TV in 2009.


Actress - Laxmi

Actor - Sunil
Valmike Rampersad

Actor - Uncle Ravi
Saeed Jaffrey

Taru Devani


Young Sunil
Ismail Jan


Samuel Care


Executive Producer

Production Designer

Sound Recordist

Assistant Director

Film Editor
Ben Lavington Martin

Music Composer
Anne Nikitin

Still photographer
Jak Kilby


Sound Assistant


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  • Edward Agnew
    9 years ago
    It's has a good story and two strong lead actors but unfortunately, it's a shame that the rest of the cast weren't on the same level as Saeed and Valmike. At some points of the film, I felt that the dialogue was a bit patronising at times and overly contrived. Other than that, the music and cinematography was excellent I really appreciated that.

    As we all know filmmaking is a try and error process. Only in time will we all learn about what works and what doesn't in drama.

  • James MacGregor
    9 years ago
    Nice way to present a social problem without anyone having to feel particulary guilty about how they might have mishandled things themselves in this sort of scenario. It is a tough call to turn around a dramatic situation as complicated as this in just a few minutes, I think the fact that it is a commissioned piece with an educational purpose excuses the rushed change of attitudes at the end that Andrew Griffin pointed out. All in all though I think the writer and director Azeem Khan should be given all due credit for creating this film. Because of its biographical nature he must have felt very personally exposed in the making of it and to some degree, whenever it is screened. It is a tribute to his determination to expose the problem that he has shared it with us in this way.
    Well done Azeem and thank you for this insight into such a sensitive area.
  • jason mccarthy
    9 years ago
    i thought the film was phenominal. great stuff azeem
  • Andrew Griffin
    9 years ago
    it doesnt feel like many people criticise here, but though i watched this and its super clear its hearts in the right place - obviously due to the semi autobiographical nature - and its a very genuine piece and so a delicate one to criticse - i feel i can do viewing it as a 'film'. As such the ending, and the way everyone ses the light so suddenly and with so little persuasion after such an apparently long time failing to confront it feels false and mroe than a little contrived. i think it ought to have kept some grit in there. In my experience people wouldnt come round so easily and maybe the insinuation that they eventually would change their minds would have been enough, rather us having to see it happen within the short running time. I think it would have benefitted from keeping some of the conflict present, and showing a chink of light rather than opening the curtains and flooding the room which serves to undermine the premise somewhat.
  • Azeem Khan (Filmmaker!)
    9 years ago
    A huge thank you to all of you who've voted for this film and left positive messages - it really makes my work worthwhile! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie and that it meant something to you...
  • Chris Morris
    9 years ago
    Brilliant. Great way of tackling an issue some people don't understand. As seen on screen, everyone has different ways of dealing with things. Support and compasion is all a man needs.
    Thanks Azeem
  • Mike Facherty
    9 years ago
    After hearing so many good things about this, I was prepared to be disappointed but I wasn't. A good film.
  • Fred Dorsett
    9 years ago
    Excellent work Azeem !! Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Fred Dorsett
  • Richard Callaghan
    9 years ago
    Interesting drama, I enjoyed it.

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