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Shooting People
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Luton Van Exhibition

Running Time:
8 min

About this film

On Sites Arts first exhibition of photographs by Irish Traveller boys, aged 10 -13, took place in the back of a Luton van. This show followed several months of photographic workshops on the boys Traveller site in Hackney and in the surrounding landscape. These workshops were run alongside the London Gypsy and Traveller Units youth group, Boys Night. The exhibition toured Hackney, visiting the London Gypsy and Traveller Unit, local funders, and the homes of those few housed travellers who participated in the project. The van ended its tour at the boys site.The main aim of this travelling exhibition was to enable the boys themselves to see their photographs enlarged and exhibited.This is a clip from the road movie of the Luton Van exhibition. This was shown at various venues in London and also at a Travellers Youth Conference in Birmingham, May 2005.




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