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Shooting People
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Running Time:
7 min

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About this film

D doesn't really like much, except for gangsta rap... and text messaging. Why talk when you can text?Winner of Best Film, Big Issue Film Festival 2007, the Barbican, LondonWinner of Best Comedy, Super Shorts Film Festival 2008, LondonWinner of Gold Award, The Smalls Showcase 2008, LondonWinner of Best Comedy Short, Lake County Film Festival 2008, USA


Anthony Cozens


Director of Photography

Writer, Director

Sound Recordist
David Darlington


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  • Arun Bose
    9 years ago
    Truly Enjoyed :) every bit of it
  • Thomas Conway
    9 years ago
    great! Really enjoyed it and didn't find it too long at all. Really appreciated the non verbal device and really added to the punch at the end with the bleeped out swearing!!
  • Ben Blaine
    10 years ago
    I loved this. Agree with some of the other comments here about it being a bit long in places - also I actually found the romance part of the story genuinely engaging and I'd have been happy without a punch line ending... but yeah, it made me laugh out loud on my own in a room so for that I have to doff my cap to you.
  • Andrew Griffin
    10 years ago
    I didnt expect to like it but its a grower, became very very funny and the handling of the nazz character especially in the cuts and use of sounds was really tightly done.
    i dont agree nazz shoudl be the snogger - would have made a tighter arc but undermined how youd built him up, but i do agree it could lose a couple minutes. Cracking.
  • Rick L. Winters
    10 years ago
    Great job! I really liked the set up. As an American the phone tones made me laugh repeatedly. Like one other person said if it ain't broken don't fix it.

    Very artistic. can't wit to see your next film. Check out my feature BLANK when you have the time.
  • Claudette FLINT
    10 years ago
    Very simple and very effective. I wish that romanticism would be successful as well but it is not fashionable.
  • James Cooper (Filmmaker!)
    10 years ago
    Thanks a lot for your comments - much appreciated. Interestingly I did make a shorter 5 minute cut which possibly does work better. Should have posted that one instead!
  • Emily Manthei
    10 years ago
    I liked it. It was really well-shot and nice-looking, although I agree it could be a bit shorter.
  • Charles Salem
    10 years ago
    But make it shorter with his best mate snogging her!
  • Andrew Soko
    10 years ago
    Hi James, I love the film, especially the photography...hold you head high and continue producing short/feature films...

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