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Embraced by Time - Remember Us

Running Time:
7 s

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About this film

This new short film from Pretto film deals with tracks of time and memories and our deepest wish to be remembered by those who will survive us. The structure and the mood in the film is closely connected to the music by Michael Nyman and one of the soundtracks from The Piano, directed by Jane Campion in 1993, The Embrace/Lost and Found. In my daytime profession I work with questions regarding to the cultural heritage in Sweden at a County Administrative Board, one hundred kilometers south of Stockholm. Our mission is to save and restore old buildings and monuments - and protect some of them in eternity by law. In Embraced by Time we see places and objects embraced by time; the nature itself, the blue sky as it has been for millions of years, pieces of old wood and objects of concrete with lots of lichens on the surface. In the space between showing old photographs, the camera is searching amongst semi old columns in a strange garden. For the second time we see some of the old photographs - and some never seen before. The last two video sequences lead over to the time near present. Along with the music, Embraced by Time, maybe, gives the impression of a nostalgic state of mind. My point is that there are two main kinds of nostalgia: a good one and a bad one. It is necessary to reflect over the past. As humans we are living in the past, in the present and in the future - all at the same time. But we can never go back. Then we will be 'lost in a lost world'. But bear in mind: time and memory is the same thing, so please: Remember Us.


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