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Viva Fitzrovia

Running Time:
12 s

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About this film

Short film about the London District of Fitzrovia. Viva Fitzrovia takes you through the bent back streets and labyrinthine alleys of that most intriguing and mysterious district of London Fitzrovia. Traditionally the hang outs of artists, criminals, revolutionaries and ladies of the night, Fitzrovia may have become ever so slightly gentrified in recent years, but its past still hangs heavy in the air. You dont have to know anything about it to sense it, to feel it. Viva Fitzrovia explores the regions past, and the varied collection of artists and characters associated with it . But is also looks at the contemporary issues directly affecting Londoners today - such as the recent demolition of the Middlesex Hospital and what is to built in its place. It also deals with the heated debate surrounding the estate agents and property developers who want to re-name the area ....Noho. With a whole host of illuminating Interviewees including publisher and poet Felix Dennis, author Mike Pentelow, photographer Peter Mackertich Viva Fitzrovia is an enlightening and thought provoking visual essay into Londons past, present and future.




  • Brett Snelgrove
    11 years ago
    As someone new to London I found this short doco fascinating. It's a great subject matter. it would have been nice if it chose one focus instead of trying to capture everything about Fiztrovia
    11 years ago
    Really like this. You can check out my work here;
  • Frederick Roll
    11 years ago
    Very enjoyable and informative work, Paolo. I hope you've sent a DVD to the Museum of London for its archives.
  • Nick Currey
    11 years ago
    Nice work. It answered some questions I've always had about the area. Perhaps a little more work on the sound transitions would make it even better.

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