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Shooting People
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Thought Leaders

Running Time:
5 min 41 s

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About this film

3 x 2 min high end branded documentaries sponsored shot in Malaysia, UK, France, Germany and USA, and broadcast globally on CNBC. Featuring top entrepreneurs talking about the times they hit rock bottom and how they bounced back, and the lessons they learned. Featuring Tony Fernandes, who set up Air Asia 3 days before 9/11, Ray C Anderson, who proves that businesses can make more money when they work with the environment rather than destroy it, and Robert Polet, the man they thought would run Gucci into the ground. This series was originally sponsored by Fortis, a Benelux based bank. The biggest challenge, aside from securing the interviews, was getting guys who are used to discussing quarterly percentile profit increases to talk openly and personally about their life experiences and their challenging moments. On returning from the shoot in Georgia USA, I switched on my phone at Gatwick Airport and got the news that Fortis, my sponsor, had gone bust - one of the earlier banking victims of the credit crunch, only 10 days after Lehmans. I panicked - were the administrators or creditors going to try to take away the money I had to finish the films? In the end I managed to retain the money and complete the project, but the further investment needed to have the films aired on CNBC and other gobal news channels (their planned outlets) and on a unique website, never materialised, so until now these films have never seen the light of day. The copyright was for a long time a much debated issues. I have recently been assured of some degree of ownership over the films and so I have removed the original branding (hence the abrupt start) and placed them on Shooting People. You are among the first people in the world to finally see these long lost films! Please enjoy, and for the entrepreneurial among you, be inspired.More work at




Karelle Walker

Associate Producer
Erin Conroy

Julia Rizollo

Louise MacGreggor

Luke Deverill


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  • Tony Franks
    9 years ago
    Very nicely presented mini-docs. Great job!
  • Nadaav Soudry (Filmmaker!)
    9 years ago
    Thanks Ralph.

    Maria. Interesting - do you just mean there should be more black, or a title screen? I did originally have such a screen but I took it off before uploading!
  • Maria Filip
    9 years ago
    Well done! Very well executed. I particularly enjoyed Tony Fernandes's contribution. The only thing was that I felt it started and ended a bit too abruptly (although I understand you fused 3 episodes to create this short). But all in all, great work!

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