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Shooting People
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Number 11

Running Time:
5 min 1 s

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Matt Jamie

About this film

A woman tries to connect with someone she's been bumping into for a few weeks...Part of a series of experiments with monologues on film. Written by Alister Cameron, Performed by Nadia Morgan. Shot in an hour on a Canon 550D.


Nadia Morgan



Alister Cameron


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  • Daniel May-Miller
    8 years ago
    Really, really, great. Direction/editing do your excellent lead real justice: a great performance. Well done!!
  • Stuart Drummond
    8 years ago
    The words 'bunny boiler' come to mind.. :) great film!
  • The Grinch Who Stole TV
    8 years ago
    I've been making a point recently of watching as many Shooters films as possible, and the ones I've viewed so far have all been excellent - this however is inarguably, and I mean this genuinely, the best I've seen to date. The script is so well crafted and delivered with such subtle poignancy by your lead - it reminded me for all the world of Alan Bennett and his Talking Heads series (and we all know that he was the master of the monologue). The direction and editing was spot-on, and delivered with an artist's eye - despite the fact that it was all shot on one location (and a cramped doorway at that) it never once bored me visually. And the unexpected twist at the end? Just gorgeous! I really hope you're thinking of entering this into festivals - it's excellent. Well done and best of luck in your future filmmaking endeavours.
  • Richard Howard
    8 years ago
    This film is very imaginatively shot in a confined space. The script is completely credible. Above all, it's beautifully acted by Nadia Morgan.
    Best of luck, Richard Howard.

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