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Shooting People
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The New Ten Commandments (Chapter 1)

Running Time:
105 min

The New Ten Commandments (Chapter One) from David Graham Scott on Vimeo.

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About this film

"To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Lansdowne Productions and the Scottish Documentary Institute have gathered together some of the most talented filmmakers and visual artists based in Scotland today. Collectively they have created the feature length documentary, the New Ten Commandments." In my chapter we follow Scotlands self-proclaimed National Standard Bearer, Peter Dow, as he prepares for a very confrontational day of protest. Peter cuts a curious figure with his pseudo military uniform and inflammatory placard declaring his political beliefs. His target this time is the Queen as she opens the Scottish parliament. His mission is to see her kicked out of the country. Peters story is very much the archetype of the little man versus the might of the establishment.Just how will this one-man Scottish Republican army fair on the day of the protest? Will he be able to avoid arrest and get his message across to the masses, and more importantly, the Queen?


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  • Piers Sanderson
    7 years ago
    Great character and an important topic (the freedom of assembly).

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