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Advice on minimal kit

I'm in the very early stages of planning a film with a teeny tiny budget. Some of the scenes will be indoors and with a couple of characters and for that I'll put together a small crew. However quite a lot of it will involve a road trip in a small campervan or travel on foot plus other outdoor scenes (camping etc) and will have just one actor. I'm hoping to do that with just two of us to minimise logistics and cost.

The only portable kit I currently have is a Canon 70D with an 18 - 135mm lens and a standard tripod plus a fairly cheap lapel mic and a Zoom H2 (I've not tried using these together yet).

I'd really appreciate some advice on what is the minimum affordable kit I might need to invest in to be able to make something that looks and sounds good enough for cinema, bearing in mind that I won't have extra pairs of hands to hold things!

I wanted to look into this now, before the script is written, so that I can make sure the script doesn't require shots which won't be possible on a ridiculously small budget. Thank you for any and all advice!

2 years ago