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Princess in the Castle - Amazon Prime

Hello Shooters,

My 14th indie feature 'Princess in the Castle', which premiered in the Nightpiece Film Festival in the Edinburgh Fringe in August has just been released on Amazon Prime.
If you have Prime why not support an indie film and give it a watch!

keep filming!

Al Carretta,
Director, Nightpiece Media

  • Done :-)

    Spoilers below.

    Mind you, PLOT FAIL - whoever heard of a producer actually paying their cast and crew down the line. Just wouldn't happen :-)

    11 months ago
  • Hi Al, I shall get to watch it in the near future. It sounds like quite an intrguing and modern tale, of potentially 'fake' news? Of course I'm just guessing.

    11 months ago
  • And congratulations on getting stuff, not only made, but also sold. Most of us talk about making things, including myself, but you actually get out there and do it. It kind of inspires me to get my arse into gear and actually get shooting

    11 months ago
  • Hello all,

    Thankyou for your comments - do please watch.

    Princess was made for a total spend of less than £1500.

    You can't really make a feature film much cheaper than this and still get closed captions and distribution that is on an 'impact' level.

    The trolls are out on the IMDb ratings and it's already been pirated heavily in Russia. It was ripped from Amazon and on a torrent site within the first hour of release's out across the World and it is being seen. God knows what I could do with a budget...

    keep filming!

    Al Carretta, Director, Nightpiece Media

    11 months ago
  • Congratulations Al. One thing leads to another and barricaded doors open.

    11 months ago