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East Midland Collaborative


I'm a Notts-based writer/director looking to start - or join - a collaborative of aspiring film-makers in the east midlands... sorry about using the c-word.

We're talking no budget here, zero, but if you have any skills or enthusiasm for writing, directing, producing, sound, cinematography, composing, grips - please get in touch. We can share our ideas, skills and knowledge to help each other realise projects and hopefully enjoy the process of film making along the way.

If you're equally passionate and focused about telling stories and having them seen, get in touch.



"You Can Do Anything, Make Your Own Industry"
Martin Scorsese

  • Hi I saw you listing and am just wandered if your still looking for people to work with?

    Am on the north edge of Bham A38 (Lichfield) Am listed here on film Birmingham

    Am looking to put work together for my showreel and am keen to do some camera operating.

    I do have aspirations of making some short film/docs myself and saw this on vimeo if I could do some thing similar I would be a happy film making bunny!
    I also saw this on vimeo which made me smile and thought I would throw in for good measure just for the hell of it...

    I hope your enjoying the world cup and will be interested to hear back from you.


    Dave Lewis.

    9 months ago
    • Hi, Dave,
      Thanks for your interest - and, yes, still looking for like-minded people hoping to see the Midlands represented a little more on-screen.

      9 months ago
  • Hi Dee,
    I just want to say, you can assemble a team and then look up in the funding tab and then apply for a little money. It might not always be enough to pay everyone, but don't assume that it always has to be zero budget.

    Here in Wales, I'm west of Birmingham, but do travel for the right project. I have some experience doing stunts, writing, teleprompting, acting and admin work. (I only do admin for money and only do stunts if there's a professional making sure I won't get hurt.)

    You can also ask for specific people in the get people tab:

    9 months ago
    • Thanks Vasco.
      I am currently looking for a small team for a short so will keep that in mind. I've been aware of SP for a while but have only recently posted, have you had any success funding through these channels?

      9 months ago
    • @Dee Hackett I've only just started to apply through the opportunities tab. I was a member years ago, but there weren't as many opportunities listed back then as there are now.

      Now, there are quite a few. I think most of us would be eligible for at least one fund a season, probably more.

      In the past, I've used different funding methods to help pay for crew, for training and so on. I think I'm probably less successful than some in acquiring funding. (Being foreign-born but not a census-recognised minority disqualifies me for a lot of it. And, well, I find it easier to pitch other people's projects or experience than my own.)

      I find that even applying helps you to organise your thoughts, describe your project better, and better organise the shoot, even if you fail. And, then the next time around, you're more likely to succeed. (Or, even if you don't get the money, you're better able to communicate your vision to volunteers.)

      8 months ago