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Shooting People
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Films of the month of: January
Desiree Akhavan

Desiree Akhavan

Desiree Akhavan is an American film director and screenwriter best known for her web series 'The Slope' and her 2014 feature film debut 'Appropriate Behaviour'. She won the Grand Jury Prize for Appropriate Behaviour at the San Diego Asian Film Festival and 'The Slope' is being screened at LSFF this month.

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Dinner and a Movie Ben Aston

Dinner and a Movie

by Ben Aston

“Great premise- I love the balance of this story being both absurd while also within the realm of possibility. This is especially emphasized by the warmth you feel radiating off the woman. It almost seems perfectly fair she’s robbing him blind. One note: I don't think the last scene was necessary, as I already felt he'd been changed by the experience.”
Desiree Akhavan

Russian Roulette Ben Aston

Russian Roulette

by Ben Aston

“Sweet and economic with it’s time- gets to the heart of the story quick and effectively and ends with such a satisfying moment.”
Desiree Akhavan

Moments Chris Cronin


by Chris Cronin

“Moments: I love the concept of shooting a live action Disney musical. The production value was fantastic and the scope of the film and dance sequences was very impressive.”
Desiree Akhavan