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Shooting People

Film of the Month for January 2017

Alma Har'el

Alma Har'el is an Israeli-American music video and film director, best known for her boundary blurring, formally innovative documentaries Bombay Beach (2011), about a small impoverished community in southern California, and LoveTrue (2016), a triptych exploring our perception of love and relationships. She's also directed music videos for artists like Beirut, Sigur Ros and Jack Penate, and made commercials for Stella Artois and AirBnB.

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It is always a surprising moment that awakens a filmmaker's faith in the power of moving image when they encounter a film like "Girl". The small aspect ratio that speaks volumes of the world closing in on this woman and the minimalism of her day somehow work together perfectly to poetically paint a feeling of isolation and the value of grace. Please don't wait for money and film school. Pick up your phones and find your voice.

- Alma Har'el

What are the little thoughts that go through our head and the mundane actions we take when we have a crucial internal monologue? An elegant one shot that allows us to get into the mind of a woman at a moment that decides life.

- Alma Har'el

A confident, tongue in British cheek film that captures the drama of childhood in the shadow of abuse through the lens of Sergio Leone.

- Alma Har'el