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Shooting People
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Back to the Drawing Board

Running Time:
30 s

About this film

Story of two lives and one household defined by the rhythms of drawing and design. Pat Albeck and Peter Rice shared a lifetime together as partners, parents and above all as two of post-war Britain’s most prolific and prominent designers. The film provides a precious glimpse of this unique partnership, as Pat and Peter reflect on their long careers and speak of the joys of their lives lived in design. This is an invitation to meet two wonderful artistes in their home, telling their story in their own words and pictures.

Pat Albeck is one of the leading designers in modern Britain, having worked in the textile, pottery and paper industries and for John Lewis and the National Trust. Peter Rice was one of the pre-eminent stage and costume designers in modern British opera and theatre.

The film was produced and directed by Dr Pawas Bisht of the School of Media, Communications and Culture at Keele University.


Pawas Bisht



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