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Shooting People

  • Steve Staff Contact

    Mild-mannered insurance man Ben Stanley just wants a quiet life, unfortunately he shares a city with Captain Hero, the world's clumsiest caped crusader, and a constant source of insurance claims for Ben to deal with. One day Ben decides enough is enough and sues The Captain to stop the chaos, what Ben doesn't realise is that when you take away a city's super hero, the bad guys come out to play...

    Action & Adventure
    Low Budget (< £100k)

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  • shirley day Contact
    To Feed The Dragon

    A young orphaned Kurdish girl, Narin (10) is finally adopted by the "perfect" parents and their mysterious daughter, only after the couple transport Narin back to their remote home, do we begin to realize there is something deeply wrong about Narin's new family.

    Medium Budget (< £500k)

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  • Paul Thompson Contact
    From The Rooftops - Comedy series

    Series 2 episode 1 - Living in a poor area in the poor part of the country a group of friends all working in the roofing trade embark on a series of adventures and end up in many strange predicaments as they travel and work throughout Britain. Being out of work for nearly six weeks they are all on the bread line waiting on a phone call to say they can start a new work contract in Scotland.

    Low Budget (< £100k)
    TV Pilot

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